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Our technicians offer integrated pest management solutions that are safe to raccoons and at the same time effective. Our raccoon removal solutions involve live trapping and exclusion services that are effective in not only removing raccoons, but making sure you don't have to experience any raccoon issues again.

We provide long term solutions that are based on professionalism. We make sure no animals are harmed or distressed.

After the initial inspection to determine the level of the problem, our technicians will proceed with taking the necessary steps to exclude the animals. We make use of one way doors on existing holes that allow the raccoon to leave but not enter your attic. All doors are removed and holes are sealed. We don't open new holes work with the ones raccoons are using to enter already. Our technicians will inspect the  entire structure for additional entry points and seal them or recommend solutions.

We provide cleaning and disinfecting services that will guarantee that you don't have any potentially harmful pathogens in the area.

We relocate animals within the allowed 1 kilometer specified by Hamilton laws. We place humane wire cage traps to trap the raccoons and remove any small animals from the den. Once that is done, we re-unite the raccoon mother with the babies.


We remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, soffits, decks, garages and sheds.

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Raccoon Removal Solutions

At Raccoon Removal Hamilton, we have all the right knowledge, expertise and experience to understand the behavior as well as the risks posed by raccoons. Our licensed professionals are well equipped to handle every threat posed by these troublemakers and remove them from your property in a humane manner.

If you are up against a raccoon problem, look no further than our guaranteed services to provide you with the right solutions. Call us today on 647-977-5890 for a prompt inspection appointment.

Raccoon Facts

baby-raccoonsA medium sized mammal with a masked face that looks just like a bandit’s, the raccoon is an animal that is native to North America, although it is also found in Europe as well as Japan. Its nimble front paws and that masked face are two of the most distinguishable features of this furry animal.

While raccoons are wild animals that have been living in wooded areas and forests before humans began encroaching upon their natural habitat, they have now adapted themselves well to the prospects of living in proximity to humans. Knowing well that there is plenty of food as well as shelter around humans, raccoons now make themselves at home in our parks, our yards and even our houses. Of course, in doing so, they invariably pose a danger to our families as well as pets, and over the years, raccoons have made themselves one of the strongest contenders on the list of pests.

The North American Raccoon, or the Procyon lotor, are extremely intelligent creatures that adapt themselves well to any situation and even come up with smart solutions to tackle any trouble they are up against. With their bushy tails and furry bodies, raccoons have evolved to protect them from the cold conditions of North America and while they may look cute and cuddly, they certainly aren’t creatures you can keep as pets.

In size, raccoons grow up to measure anywhere between 23 to 37 inches and are usually found weighing anywhere between 8 to 20 pounds. Highly social creatures, raccoons are mostly nocturnal. They hunt and scavenge for food during the night and prefer to sleep throughout the day, unless disturbed or hungry. Although raccoons do not associate themselves with the process of hibernation, they tend to sleep more during the winter months, living off the fat their bodies have stored. The most prominent feature of the raccoon is its masked face, and over the years, raccoons have certainly proved the worthiness of this particular feature of theirs by raiding human habitat in search of food and shelter.

Highly omnivorous, raccoons eat just about everything and have therefore found humans to be perfect partners as far as food is concerned. When deprived from the food in our garbage cans or even leftovers on the table in our garden, raccoons feed on a variety of foods from beechnuts, figs, plums, peaches, berries, apples, acorn, citrus fruits, wild grapes and corn to insects, rodents, fish, frogs and the eggs of birds. Raccoons have even been found feeding on roadkill. Due to their scavenging habits, raccoons have proved to be highly invasive pests when living in close proximity to human neighbourhoods. Moreover, the nesting habits of a raccoon to prove to be a nuisance.

Raccoons and Property Damage

raccoons-in-soffitWhile raccoons usually stay out of the way of humans and their pets, when confronted, they can prove to be quite dangerous, particularly when you are up against a female raccoon that is protecting its young ones. The reasons behind these confrontations as well as raccoon invasions into our properties is mostly associated with the modified feeding and nesting habits of these animals.

In the wild, raccoons mostly make their homes called dens in trees and caves. However, when living around human neighbourhoods, they can choose anything from abandoned vehicles or homes to even the attics, chimneys or occupied houses to set up their dens. Invariably, while they try to enter a shed, a garage, a chimney, an attic or even the hidden hollows in your roof, raccoons end up causing considerable property damage.

At Raccoon Removal Hamilton, we are well equipped with all the right tools to capture raccoons no matter where they are hidden in your home. So if you have a raccoon problem, or simply cannot track down the creatures and their hiding places in spite of looking everywhere, all you have to do is give us a call, and our thorough inspection and guaranteed raccoon removal services will take care of the rest.

Getting a Raccoon Out of Your Attic

A raccoon living in your attic should always be assumed to be a nursing mother with babies. If you are looking to get rid of it on your own, be careful, you don’t want to orphan the babies. Raccoons make excellent mothers, and will safely relocate their babies if their safety is threatened.  However, evicting a mother raccoon and her babies out of your attic isn’t an easy task. There’s always the risk of her abandoning or getting separated from her young if this process is not done right.

The best way to get rid of raccoon babies in the attic is by hand. You or the wildlife service you have hired will have to go into the attic and get the raccoons out by hand. You can then use the babies as bait to trap the adult female getting them all out at once.

How do I get rid of raccoon babies in the attic?

  • First, inspect your attic, you will need to physically get into your attic and find the location of the nest. There’s a 90 percent chance that you will find young pups, even if you didn’t expect them. In case you can’t spot them, stay still for about 30 minutes, you will be able to hear them chatter. Use a thick pair of gloves to grab them and put them in a pillowcase. In case the mother raccoon is around the nest, she may be aggressive and even attack.
  • After you have gotten all the raccoons out of the attic, find the entry points and seal them shut. In case you miss this crucial step, new raccoons will still get access into your attic, and you will be forced to repeat the same process. Depending on whether the mother is around to defend her pups, you could grab her with a snare pole and cage her (not recommended), or use her pups as bait and trap her.
  • Once you are sure all the raccoons have been removed, you want to seal off any entry points to avoid re-entry. The raccoons you removed left an odour that if left unsecured, will attract new raccoons into your attic. You should also inspect the level of damage left by the raccoons. If required, make the necessary repairs. In case you are also looking to get raccoon babies out of your ceiling the same rules apply.

Raccoons are not the easiest of pests to get rid of, especially if they have invaded your attic. A raccoon living in your attic is almost always a nesting mother. It’s very important that you inspect the attic thoroughly before getting rid of the mother only. If you get rid of the mother raccoon alone and leave its young, they could starve to death causing your entire attic to stink from their rot.

The best way to get rid of raccoons in your attic is to contact your local wildlife service. They will conduct a thorough investigation of your property to determine how and why the raccoons got into your attic. After removal, they will conduct repairs, seal off any possible entries to ensure the raccoons never return. If you have raccoons in your attic and you are unsure of what to do, contact us today.

Health Hazards Associated with Raccoons

Raccoons are notorious for passing on a long list of serious health hazards to humans as well as other animals and the list includes dreaded diseases such as Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Raccoon Roundworm and the deadly Rabies virus. In case of the potentially fatal Rabies virus, infected raccoons can pass on this virus to humans and other animals through their saliva. Raccoon bites and scratches are therefore extremely dangerous and you should seek immediate medical attention if you or your pet have been subjected to a raccoon attack.

The feces and urine of raccoons are potential carriers of other diseases and conditions too and the list includes names such as Salmonella, Leptospirosis and Raccoon Roundworm. The symptoms and effects of these conditions range from high fever and diarrhea to other serious implications such as improper functioning and damage to the central nervous system and liver and kidney disorders. Therefore, even having raccoons frequenting your property can prove to be a potential threat to you and your family’s health.

Raccoon Control Solutions

We offer you safe and effective raccoon removal solutions through our timely and guaranteed services. Our services will only take care of your current raccoon problem, but will also leave you with plenty of practical tips on how to avoid a similar situation in the future. Whether you have raccoons rummaging through your trash for food or attacking your gardens for berries and more, or even have an entire raccoon family setting up their den on your property, no raccoon problem is too big or small for our technically qualified and licensed team of professionals. Call us today on 647-977-5890 for a prompt inspection at a time suitable to you, and we will provide you with professional services that will tackle your raccoon problem in a satisfying and comprehensive manner.