Raccoon Removal Hamilton

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Our technicians offer integrated pest management solutions that are safe to raccoons and at the same time effective. Our raccoon removal solutions involve live trapping and exclusion services that are effective in not only removing raccoons, but making sure you don’t have to experience any raccoon issues again.

We provide long term solutions that are based on professionalism. We make sure no animals are harmed or distressed.

After the initial inspection to determine the level of the problem, our technicians will proceed with taking the necessary steps to exclude the animals. We make use of one way doors on existing holes that allow the raccoon to leave but not enter your attic. All doors are removed and holes are sealed. We don’t open new holes work with the ones raccoons are using to enter already. Our technicians will inspect theĀ  entire structure for additional entry points and seal them or recommend solutions.

We provide cleaning and disinfecting services that will guarantee that you don’t have any potentially harmful pathogens in the area.

We relocate animals within the allowed 1 kilometer specified by Hamilton laws. We place humane wire cage traps to trap the raccoons and remove any small animals from the den. Once that is done, we re-unite the raccoon mother with the babies.

We remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, soffits, decks, garages and sheds.

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Our technicians provide raccoon removal in Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Ancaster, Brantford